Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Never Too Late for Change

Hello All,

I have been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time and because of the snow days I am able to finally get it started.  So here I am with my first post and might I say I am very excited!

For so long I have been living my life in robot mode, just going through the motions.  Finally I figured out that this was not how I wanted to live.  Life was passing me by and I wanted to change.  As I am soon to turn 40 I realize the importance of making my life count.  Not saying that 40 is old by any means, but a milestone none the less.

This quest for change started with something my mother shared with me.  One day we were talking about her father, who had passed when I was 3, and we were discussing her childhood and things she remembered.  Mom told me that she remember her father being sick all the time.  Now before I go any further, let me say that my mom had a wonderful childhood and she enjoyed it quite much.  But what stuck with me was what Victoria, my daughter, would grow up to remember about her childhood.

When I really started thinking about this it scared me.  What would she think?  Remember?  And then it hit me.  She is going to remember a mother who is stressed out all the time, sick every other month, constantly working and just going through the motions trying to survive day to day.  I was too tired to play games with her, color or play Barbies and frankly I really didn't want too.  There were too many things I had to get done; school work, meetings, doctors appointments, errands, laundry, cleaning, pets, dinner.  You know the drill.  Being a mom with a full time job is exhausting.

Here's the thing... all of the other working moms were doing what it seemed that I couldn't.  So I decided to make a change.  Time with my family wasn't about spending money or buying things anymore and I paid off all of our debt.  While doing this I started reading and listening to as many books or websites that I could to find my happiness in this life and get my priorities in order.  Then after having surgery in December of 2012, and 3 sinus infections from January to April, I was tired of being sick all the time.  Luckily doTERRA Essential Oils came into my life and helped create positive change in my life.

The reason for this blog will be to share positive ways to make changes in your life.  This could be anything from financial changes, eating better, exploring your faith, preventing illness, organizing spaces, hobbies, building or nurturing relationships, and learning how to be happy.  Last but not least, let's learn how to create wonderful memories for our children and ourselves.

I hope you enjoy this journey~

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