Sunday, January 12, 2014

Think About A Goal

Okay, we have decided we want to change our lives, reduce stress and start enjoying life.  But how?  And many of you say, "I can't change anything."  If it is really important to you then you will find a way.  Trust me, when you hit rock bottom or are really tired of not being happy you will find the power to change.  So let's go ahead and think about what we would like to change by thinking about some goals.

What would you like to change?

  • Here are some examples-eat better, save money, pay off a bill, exercise more, find time for yourself, read to your kids, learn couponing, learn relaxation techniques, schedule date nights, reduce job stress, create a budget, organize you house, pray more, learn a new skill, start a hobby… you get the idea.
  • This is just a list of some examples.  You have to decide what you want to change or what is best for you.  Take some time to really ponder what you want to change or what would be possible for you right now.  Start small if you need to or jump right in.  You have to do what is manageable for you.  Talk to someone in your support group about some of your ideas and discuss it with them.  For instance, if you are really stressed about your credit card debt, talk to you spouse about it.  See if the two of you are ready to work together to tackle this goal.  If this one is too much then start by organizing a closet or setting up 15 min each day to pick up the house.  
  • Throughout this blogging journey I will be posting different ideas, books or websites to help you along the way.
  • Your assignment… start thinking about something you really want to change.  In a day or so I will post how to pick the goal and set a plan to accomplish your goal.
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***My goal is to help others and as many people as I can through this blog.

Take time to ponder~

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